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You are here: Home » Products » Physiological Cycle Facial Conditioning Beauty Mask 25mlx7PCS Natural Week Face Care
Physiological Cycle Facial Conditioning Beauty Mask 25mlx7PCS Natural Week Face Care
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Product: Views:39Physiological Cycle Facial Conditioning Beauty Mask 25mlx7PCS Natural Week Face Care 
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Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-10-15 19:32
Facial cycle conditioning beauty face mask natural week skin care V7-1 Day 1st Eliminate impurity, relieve tired and dull skin Efficacy: Eliminate impurity-eliminate impurity ,purify skin, keep skin clean and dear, and make skin feel as cool and refreshing as sea breeze. Fade dull tone-replenish sufficient water, balance the water and oil in skin, shrink rough pores, and relieve tired and dull skin. V7-2 Day 2st Relieve and soothe skin ,relax the pressure of skin Efficacy: Relieve and soothe skin -replenish nourishing and activating energy into skin during night, supply water, constantly moisturize skin, relax pressure and soothe skin; Supply water- promote you to enjoy the sweat dream, and high light clear, moist and beautiful skin. V7-3 Day 3st Moisturize skin and make skin moist and beautiful Efficacy: Clearly moisturize skin -contain sea algae moisturizing factor ,replenish water to moisturize skin, and recover skin to moist, smooth and vigorous state; Replenish water- refresh and activate skin, shrink rough pores, tender skin, improve the hydrating and moisturizing ability of skin ,and relieve dry, rough and dull skin. V7-4 Day 4st Regularize the PH value, balance water and oil of skin Efficacy: Nourish and moisturize skin- powerfully moisturize and nourish skin, replenish water ,soften skin, relax the skin pressure, and keep skin moist, clear and lustrous persistently; Balance water and oil- penetrate into deep skin to supply water and nutrition ,form hydrating and moisturizing membrane on skin surface, relieve dry and greasy skin, purify the environment of skin, dredge pores, and recover skin to clean, clear, refreshing and comfortable state without blemish. V7-5 Day 5st Repair skin, and recover skin to soft and tender state Efficacy: Repair skin -contain snail concentrated essences to nourish and repair skin atight ,and activate the regenerative energy of skin; Smoothen and tender skin -moisturize skin as dew, activate the energy of skin, boost vigor, recover skin to soft and tender state, and highlight beautiful skin with a new look. V7-6 Day 6st Rejuvenate skin, sculpt, lift and firm skin. Efficacy: Rejuvenate skin- contain anti-wrinkle, firming and activating essences, replenish water and nutrition, relieve droopy and dry skin, rejuvenate skin, and recover skin to young and lustrous atate. Sculpt, lift and firm skin- reduce dry and fine lines, fade ageing signs, lift and firm skin and make facial coutour firm. V7-7 Day 7st Boost luster and highlight white and beautiful skin Efficacy: Moisturize skin-replenish sufficient water into skin with clear and refreshing nature, and recover skin to clean and clear state. Boost luster layer by layer- deliver activating energy into deep skin ,relieve dull and rough skin, boost luster ,and make skin clear and lustrous.